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The blue area represents bare eye visibility below ideal observational conditions. For an man or woman point, which includes the first point of visibility, it is not certain that such conditions can be found out. 

but if we area ourselves within the blue quarter, we take advantage of visibility not simplest at the selected factor of observation, however also of the probability of remark inside the entire of the blue zone situated to the east of our point of statement P.  

certainly, to the east of P, the crescent could be seen before it's miles visible on the point P itself. If Fajr in a given locality is after visibility on the factor P, it'll be even more so if the visibility occurs earlier than at the factor P. 

allow us to take an imaginary example a good way to make clear this factor. let us say that the visibility on the point P takes place at 04H45 in ordinary time UTC. allow us to say that Fajr in a given locality is at 04H50, also in UTC.

due to the fact Fajr is after visibility, Ramadan will start inside the region below attention. Now, as we stated earlier than, visibility to the east of the point P will arise before that on the factor P itself. let us say that visibility happens at 04H40 UTC, somewhere to the east of the point P, constantly within the blue region. Fajr within the region beneath consideration will still be after visibility. Ramadan will start in this region.  

The designated calculation suggests that the blue area towards the east of the point P covers an area of roughly 450 000 km2. that is nearlysixty seven % of the surface region of France. within such an in depth area,the chance of sighting the crescent with the bare eye in the blue sector is almost one hundred %.

 The reader will locate an instance of this sort of calculation with the aid of clicking on the subsequent hyperlink. This specific calculation refers back to the give up of Ramadan 1434, however, commonly speaking, the same state of affairs will repeat itself each month. 

anikasaw Apr 8 '19 · Tags: calendar
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