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one less factor youll need to worry about on race day.Megan Floo a...

one less factor youll need to worry about on race day.Megan Floo | Forum

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wzh123 Dec 8 '19
In this weeks column, Sky Sports Phil Clarke says Super League needs to bring reserve teams back if they are to compete with NRL sides. Roman Quinn Jersey ... As Ive grown older Ive come to realise that sometimes its best to sleep on it before you make a comment or decision. Were all guilty of over reacting at times when we make irrational or emotional statements which dont really make sense.The 3-0 whitewash in the World Club Series was a sobering experience for those who thought that the Super League sides could match their NRL rivals. Much was written and said about this last week. One week on, the dust has settled and Ive had time to gather my thoughts. The results didnt really surprise me. The NRL teams should win - we are naive if we think that we have club teams that are better than theirs. Internationally we have 25 players who are competitive with their best, but several of these are playing in the NRL.At junior level they have more players to choose from, many of which have physiological advantages over our players, more money, greater media and public interest, and a stronger competition which raises the standard across the league. For the last three years the Super League clubs havent had a second or reserve team, and it has had a detrimental effect on the development of the sport. The gap with the NRL has been made wider. Phil Clarke Additionally, and perhaps more importantly in my eyes, they have more patience with players between 19 and 23 years old, and a better setup that provides these players with some games in which to improve.Fortunately for some of our young players, some clubs over here have elected to reinstate a second-team competition, so at least this is one step towards fixing that gap.We had developed a production line that put time and money into young players aged 15-19 and then had a hole for a few years if the player wasnt already good enough to play in a Super League first team when he reached his 19th birthday. North Queensland Cowboys beat Leeds Rhinos 38-4 in the World Club Challenge For the last three years the Super League clubs havent had a second or reserve team, and it has had a detrimental effect on the development of the sport. The gap with the NRL has been made wider.It was a huge mistake in my opinion and hopefully the sport is learning its lesson. I realise that there are extra costs associated with this but feel as though its a necessity.Theres almost no point in entering three teams into Club Challenges if we dont have second teams at Super League level. More effort needs to be put into making these games as good as they can be. Brisbanes Greg Eden makes a break against Wigan Colin Sanctuary is a friend of mine who is the head of physical development at the Newcastle Knights. Prior to that he was responsible for the strength and conditioning at Wakefield Wildcats and so has a great position from which to help assess the players from both competitions.Ive chatted with him about this for a long while and he raised a great point about the rate of improvement in both competitions. Biggest hits Watch: Barrie and Terrys biggest hits of the weekend Rugby League is a big sport in Australia and they invest heavily to improve it on and off the field every year. With a smaller budget and fewer players to choose from over here its virtually impossible to narrow the gap on every front.Colin is an intelligent man and said that with limited resources we need to be very clever in identifying what areas of the sport we wish to see the biggest improvements.As the salary cap in the NRL increases, and Rugby Union in this country seems to get richer, we need to have a clear idea of what the sport sees as its most important goals over the next 10 years. Stevo has called for English rugby league to go back to basics Some of the issues that determine the strength of the NRL over the Super League are out of our control. Running a reserves team at every Super League club isnt.The World Club Series proved to be a popular event and the crowds enjoyed the matches, although they didnt enjoy the results. They also gave the players a goal to aim for during the season, a chance to play against the best in the world, but we have to be realistic with our expectations.The optimist in me is looking forward to WCS III in February 2017, not because I expect us to win, but because I like to cheer for the underdog, and its the greatest feeling when they win.I love the concept and hope the games are closer in 12 months time but in the meantime I am going to watch a few reserve team matches. Get a Sky Sports Pass Watch the Super League without a contract, from £6.99 with NOW TV. Also See: Rovers and Chester part ways Rhinos v Giants: Key battles Pundits Follow @SkySportsRL Jim Bunning Jersey . Louis Blues. Shane Hnidy joins Brian Munz for the broadcast on TSN 1290 Radio at 7pm ct. Granny Hamner Jersey .com) - The red-hot Los Angeles Kings will try to extend their winning streak to a season-high seven games when they visit the Edmonton Oilers for Sundays clash at Rexall Place. https:///...jersey-phillies.html . The Cincinnati Reds remain perfect with their speedy rookie outfielder in the starting lineup. I believe anyone could run a marathon if they really want to. Thats largely because the second half of the race is all mental. Theres no way to sugar coat it: 26.2 miles is a long haul, and while your body needs to be physically strong, your mental game needs to be stronger. As one of my favorite runners Roger Bannister said, The man who can drive himself further once the effort gets painful is the man who will win.Once you reach the dreaded wall around mile 20, thats when your mental training really kicks in. So I have a few strategies for improving your mental game.I like positively visualizing my upcoming race. Because Ive run the New York City marathon before, this tactic is easier for me during this training cycle. But if you havent seen a race course before, you can still positively visualize your result. At least twice a week, in my mind, I like to go through exactly how race day will pan out. I start from (mentally) laying out my clothes the night before, to eating breakfast the day of the race, to warming up and toeing my foot on the line. Then I visualize how I will feel about every four miles on the course, all the way to the final push in Central Park and crossing the finish line.You can take your positive visualization to the next level if your race provides a video of your course (like this one) or by studying the course map. Im a visual learner, so I like to do both. By having a physical copy of the map, I can write down how I want to feel at different points in the race and where I plan to take water, Gatorade and food. I can also set pace goals for different mile markers.Another big part of my mental training is finding a few mantras that I can tell myself during the race. These are short reminders of all of the hard work and hours I have poured into training. These days, I rotate three sayings: stop at never, define yourself, and trust your training.Stop at never was written on the inside label of the New York City marathon jacket I received in 2013. Tony Taylor Jersey. Those three words have stuck with me ever since -- you never know where youre going to get inspiration. Then, in November, I met American running icon Deena Kastor at my local Fleet Feet store. I asked her what her go-to mantra is, and she said, Define yourself.This one, even more so than stop at never, has helped me this year. Ive interpreted the mantra to mean something along these lines: running is mostly an individual sport (save for running partners and teams), so if you arent doing it for yourself, whats the point? Your running partner cant log the training miles for you, so go out there and prove to yourself that youre stronger than you think.I mostly use trust your training when Im on a difficult stretch of the course -- a hill or a desolate stretch -- or when I need a pick-me-up because my legs are starting to feel the pounding. All three serve different purposes during the race, but all are equally as important.Aside from repeating these mantras in my head (and sometimes out loud) I like to write two of them on my arms. Two arms, two mantras. This way, when I look down at my watch or take water during the course, I can constantly remind myself of my strength. If youre stuck on finding a mantra that works, here is a great post to help you generate your own.A lot of factors can affect a race, but if you train your mental game as hard as you train your physical body, thats one less factor youll need to worry about on race day.Megan Flood is a seven-time marathoner and half marathoner. She is on a quest to qualify for the Boston Marathon and hopes New York 2016 is her ticket to Boston. You can follow her progress every other week here on espnW.com and on Twitter @meganflood11. ' ' '
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